Exercising Post Pregnancy

Exercising after giving birth is something that the ‘fit mum’ wants to do as soon as they feel up to it. Expectations and motivation are high to return to that post pregnancy body. But what should be expected in the first few weeks of returning to exercise and what exactly

How To Avoid Getting Festively Fat!

Although I am writing this article with Christmas in mind, it can be applied to any time throughout the year when you will be ‘going off plan’ or eating more than usual (e.g. birthdays, parties, family gatherings). I’m going to attack this from two different angles so I can cover

12 weeks to a better, healthier life!

At the beginning of February 2017, I took 21 individuals under my wing to coach them through a 12-week transformation challenge. I wanted to do this to demonstrate to those individuals how they are able to live their life’s whilst still getting themselves in shape. I wanted to show them

Don’t waste it on the weekend!

A question I often get asked by clients is; “how can one day of over eating be so bad!?” This relates to the goal of trying to lose body fat and improve your physique. Obviously to do this effectively you need a structured exercise plan that has you resistance training.

Keep Colds At Bay.

As the cold weather draws in so does the chances of getting ill. Boost your immune system with nutrient rich foods and you will stay in tip top shape until the sun decides to show his face once again! VITAMIN A: Vitamin A strengthens the bodies entry points where germs

How to turn your shoulders into boulders!

I personally believe that the shoulder press should be known as the overhead press. The main reason being that you don’t only work your shoulders during a press overhead, you work your entire body! The overhead press is often over shadowed by gym rats favouring the bench press as the