Why your HIIT is SHIT!

Firstly, I am sorry if this title offends anyone but I am seeing an increasing number of people banging on about how brilliant there 45 minute HIIT workout was. If you truly were doing ‘HIIT’ in its purest form, then I assure you you wouldn’t last 45 minutes…. not without

Eat All The Protein!

They used to be the preserve of bodybuilders, and were often considered to be in a category adjacent to steroids. Now protein shakes are a common sight at the gym, but how many people you see clutching their shakers actually know what’s in their shakes? When they should be taking

Weight Loss Pills. Are they really worthless?

In this day and age everybody wants the quickest and easiest way to get in shape. Moderation, adherence and consistency to a healthy lifestyle is often overlooked as it isn’t seen as ‘sexy’ or won’t sell products and programs. Too often people are looking for a quick fix to a

Are You Wasting Your Time And Money?

Everyone is searching for the magic pill when it comes to improving their body composition. You want a quick fix to a long term problem and you will do ANYTHING it takes to get in shape. Am I right? If you said “YES! Just tell me what I need to