Online Coaching

What exactly will you get from AWPT online coaching?

Personalised Training Program – to help you achieve your body composition goals. Programs developed using the equipment and time that you have available.

Tailored Nutrition Plan – developed to help you achieve your dream body. Learn how to track the macro nutrients in your food and develop a better understanding of what you are eating and why.

Weekly Check Ins – progress will be monitored closely with weekly check ins allowing for any necessary adjustments to your customised plan.

No Restrictions on Contact Time – ask for help and guidance as frequently as needed during your coaching contract.


Available to purchase via the ‘shop’ section of the website.

Simply click on the package you wish to purchase and once you have paid for your first month of coaching, you will receive an email to schedule your first consultation.

Nutrition Plan Only = £75

Exercise Program Only = £75

Training and Nutrition Coaching = £100 per month